The future of healthcare supply chain is now

The most advanced supply chain automation tools for the modern data-driven hospital. Integrate data across all your departments and proactively monitor issues in real-time.

Predict Demand, Avoid Shortages, & Identify Signals from Noise

Our AI-enabled platform continuously monitors your supply chain and sifts through millions of data points to create actionable analytics for your team.

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Clarium unites your organization

Hospital departments often use multiple tools that don't talk to each other. Clarium becomes your single source of truth while integrating with existing systems.

How we do it

Clarium’s machine-learning algorithms have been trained using data from thousands of healthcare facilities. We continuously monitor and enhance your data to allow you to arrive at trustworthy analytics and actionable insights.

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Collect data from existing systems

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Clean & Enhance Data Using Our Algorithms

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filter data for errors & outliers

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Connect supply chain, clinical & finance data

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DELIVER INSIGHTS & recommended actions

Clarium helps you...

Our automation platform is user-friendly and built for hospital executives, supply chain leaders, buyers, inventory managers, contracting teams, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare staff.

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Predict demand using A.I.

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Anticipate what you need to order at any time by integrating your surgical schedules, preference cards, actual usage and billing data, inventory levels, and historical ordering patterns

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Build supply chain resiliency

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Boost order fill rates, avoid shortages and stockouts, manage macro trends (pandemic, demand surges, seasonality), reduce supplier lead times, and identify alternative products

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Minimize data errors

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Real-time monitoring of purchase orders, invoices, receiving data, contract terms, and accounts payable to identify errors and resolve them quickly

Who we partner with

Clarium is building a two-sided network for healthcare providers and suppliers to enable real-time information exchange and greater efficiency for everyone involved.


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Integrating Clarium is simple. You don’t have to replace existing systems or disrupt your IT teams. The future of healthcare supply chain is now - start today.

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