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AI-Powered Supply Chain for Healthcare

One platform with end-to-end visibility and intelligent automation to unlock efficiency for hospitals and their suppliers.
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Welcome to Astra OS
Unified platform that connects data across every healthcare system of record and with your suppliers.

Astra OS is our platform technology that unifies data from hospitals and their suppliers in real-time. Leverage our data ecosystem with built-in workflow apps for a re-imagined approach to supply chain management.

Discover Astra OS
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Astra OS apps
Data-enabled workflow apps to help hospital teams improve their productivity, visibility, and resiliency with intelligent automation.
Disruption Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your inventory levels and identifying potential supply disruptions using our network signals and upstream data sources


Faster Disruption Resolution
Substitute Management

Automate substitute management and approval requests in a workflow tool and identify clinically equivalent products using our proprietary database


Faster Substitute Approvals
Procedure Card Optimization

Streamline card management with AI-powered insights to standardize supply usage, identify conversion opportunities, and minimize waste in the operating room


Average Cost Savings
“Clarium has become an integral part of our enterprise workflow. It's more than a software platform; it's a strategic asset for managing our supply chain.”
Jacqueline Epright

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Yale New Haven Health

“Our partnership with Clarium has been defined by rapid innovation and reliability. They understand our needs and consistently deliver well beyond our expectations.”
Dr. Michael Suk

Chief Physician Officer

Geisinger Health

"Clarium is a must-have technology given the endless supply disruptions we’re facing. It provides a uniquely integrated workflow and supports a future toward anti-fragility."
Amanda Chawla

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Stanford Medicine

"Clarium is revolutionizing the healthcare supply chain industry - their innovative platform allows our teams to save valuable time and focus on improving our patient experience."
Regine Villain

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Ochsner Health

"Clarium’s platform has become an indispensable tool for our team. Its user-friendly design and powerful features make our daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable."
Christine L’Heureux

Director of Supply Chain

Boston Children’s Hospital

“The beauty of Clarium lies in its ability to simplify and automate complex processes. Our clinical teams are now spending more time where it matters most – with our patients.”
Dr. Margaret Rose

Medical Director for Corporate Supply Chain

Yale New Haven Health

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How we help you
We go beyond aggregating data - our AI engine cleans your data, provides actionable insights, and automates your workflows.
Unify Your Data

Seamlessly link, clean, enhance, and normalize data across all your existing systems of record

AI-Powered Insights

Leverage our prescriptive insights powered by large language models and proprietary AI

Automated Workflows

Deploy workflow automation with task assignments, @mentions, and real-time alerts