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Astra OS:
One platform. End-to-end visibility.

Optimize your supply chain and leverage all your data in a single platform. Clarium seamlessly connects to any system of record:
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Our ecosystem
Unified data platform for hospitals and their suppliers.

Astra OS seamlessly connects hospitals with suppliers, accelerates real-time collaboration, and enables data transparency across all aspects of the supply chain through a two-sided network.

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Workflow apps
Unleash intelligent automation to your workforce.

Our AI-powered workflow apps are web-based and can be deployed across every department at your health system and with suppliers for real-time collaboration and increased productivity.

Disruption Monitor

Proactively manage inventory and identify supply disruptions using our network of upstream data and crowdsourced signals

Substitute Manager

Automate substitute approval requests in a workflow tool and identify clinically equivalent products using our database

Card Optimizer

Streamline procedure card management with AI-powered recommendations to minimize waste in the operating room

Demand Planner

Optimize surgical planning by pre-validating all CPT codes, supplies, devices, and pharma with feedback from clinicians

Oculus AI

LLM-powered assistant to allow users to ask questions & unlock insights across all internal data in a secure, private instance

Inventory Optimizer

Optimize inventory across warehouses and facilities with AI-driven insights to reduce turnover and overstocking

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Easy setup
Go live with Astra OS in as fast as 4 weeks.

Our automated ingestion engine connects with all your existing systems of record, without the need for any modification to your existing ERP, EHR, or legacy IT systems. Clarium handles the data onboarding and integration process so you can be up and running quickly without burdening your IT team.